Ultra-fast CFD for turbomachines

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Turbostream is heavily based on the long line of codes from Professor John Denton which have been in constant development since the 1970s and are used throughout the turbomachinery community for the design of new machines.


The latest Denton code, which is called TBLOCK, is a modern solver implemented in Fortran for clusters of CPUs and is the direct ancestor to Turbostream.

Turbostream was developed as a response to the growing dominance of multi-core processors for scientific simulations. The development of applications for such processors is widely regarded as the most challenging problem ever faced by the scientific software community; and for CFD solvers, a complete re-evaluation of the implementation strategy is required. As a solution to this problem, a new software framework for the use of source-to-source compilation for structured grid CFD solvers was developed specifically for Turbostream.

Today, Turbostream is used extensively in many different areas of turbomachinery research within the Whittle Laboratory. In 2009, we began providing access to the solver to other organisations and Turbostream is now used for both research and design work by some of the largest turbomachinery manufacturers in the world.