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  • Turbostream papers at Turbo Expo 2012

    Turbostream has been used for some of the work described in several papers to be presented at this year's ASME Turbo Expo.

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  • Turbostream 3.0 released

    Turbostream 3.0 includes support for non-ideal gases using lookup tables.

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  • Paper at ETC 2011

    A paper on the use of Turbostream for the rapid optimisation of turbine blades will be presented on 24 March at the European Turbomachinery Conference in Istanbul Turkey. 

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  • GTC 2010

    A presentation on Turbostream was given at the NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference in San Jose.

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  • Turbostream 2.0 released

    New features include support for the Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model and real gas properties - a complete changelog is in the updated documentation.

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  • SBLOCK paper wins at CIT-2010

    A paper on the SBLOCK software framework that enables Turbostream to run on many different processors won the NVIDIA Best Paper Award at CIT-2010.

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