Ultra-fast CFD for turbomachines

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Turbostream at ASME Turbo Expo 2019

Turbostream Ltd is exhibiting at ASME Turbo Expo 2019 in Phoenix, AZ. 

Turbostream calculations are featured in five papers at the technical conference:

Loss in Axial Compressor Bleed Systems 

Grimshaw S.,  Brind J., Pullan G.  (University of Cambridge)

Seki R. (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries)


Non-dimensional Parameters for Comparing Conventional and Counter-rotating Turbomachines

Waldren J. J.,  Clark C.,  Grimshaw S.,  Pullan G., (University of Cambridge)


Effect of Blade Row Interaction on Rotor Film Cooling 

Brind J.,  Pullan G.,  (University of Cambridge) 


Tip leakage flow instability in a centrifugal compressor

Cao T., Xu L. (University of Cambridge)

Kanzaka T. (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Europe)

Brandvik T. (Turbostream) 


Reducing Instrumentation Errors Caused by Circumferential Flow Field Variations in Multistage Axial Compressors

Chilla M.,  Pullan G., (University of Cambridge)

Gallimore S. 1. (Rolls-Royce plc)