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Turbostream papers at Turbo Expo 2015

Several papers featuring Turbostream calculations were presented at ASME Turbo Expo 2015 in Montreal.

Competing 3D Mechanisms in Compressor Flows
Taylor, J. T. and Miller, R. J. (Whittle Laboratory)
Turbostream calculations on various compressor blade designs were used to explain how flow separations on compressor blades can be controlled by the 3D blade stacking. The results are validated with high-resolution experimental measurements.

Modelling Non-Uniform Bleed in Axial Compressors
Grimshaw, S., Pullan, G. and Hynes, T. P. (Whittle Laboratory)
Full-annulus, unsteady Turbostream calculations were performed on a research compressor with non-uniform bleed extraction. The results are compared with high-resolution experimental measurements and low-order models, and are used to understand the flow fields in the bleed system and compressor.

Prediction and Measurement of Unsteady Blade Surface Pressures on an Open Rotor
Sohoni, N. G., Hall, C. A., Brandvik, T. (Whittle Laboratory) and Parry, A. B. (Rolls-Royce plc)
Full-annulus, unsteady Turbostream calculations on a counter-rotating open rotor are compared with unsteady pressure measurements, showing how operation at an angle of attack alters the noise generation.