Ultra-fast CFD for turbomachines

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Paper at ETC 2011

A paper on the use of Turbostream for the rapid optimisation of turbine blades will be presented on 24 March at the European Turbomachinery Conference in Istanbul Turkey. The paper details are included below.

Aerodynamic Design and Optimisation of Turbumachinery Components Using a GPU Flow Solver
A. Keskin and F. Haselbach (Rolls-Royce, UK)
M. Meyer and E. Janke (Rolls-Royce Deutschland, Germany)
T. Brandvik and G. Pullan (Whittle Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK)

Recent hardware developments have shown a tremendous speed-up gain using multi-core and many-core architectures. Especially graphics processing units (GPUs) have received a lot of attention in the scientific community in the last years. These low-cost commodity cards employ massively parallel execution of tasks leading to at least an order of magnitude reduction of required calculation time of design tools compared to traditional high performance computer clusters. This speed-up opens up new possibilities in the design process of turbomachinery components.

This paper discusses the benefits and drawbacks of using new hardware architectures and describes how software can be structured in order to be portable to different hardware architectures. A major focus will be on turbomachinery component design using a novel and rapid 3D flow solver running on GPUs. Examples are shown and discussed how this technology can be used in two areas which directly profit from the speed-up of calculation time, (i) detailed steady and unsteady multi-stage turbomachinery simulation and (ii) automated design processes which enable sensitivity analysis, robust design and multi-objective optimization.