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SBLOCK paper wins at CIT-2010

A paper on the SBLOCK software framework that enables Turbostream to run on many different processors won the NVIDIA Best Paper Award at CIT-2010. 

The paper was titled SBLOCK: A Framework for Efficient Stencil-based PDE Solvers on Multi-core Platforms. The abstract is included below, while the entire paper is available as a PDF.


We present a new software framework for theimplementation of applications that use stencil computations onblock-structured grids to solve partial differential equations. Akey feature of the framework is the extensive use of automaticsource code generation which is used to achieve high performanceon a range of leading multi-core processors. Results are presentedfor a simple model stencil running on Intel and AMD CPUs aswell as the NVIDIA GT200 GPU. The generality of the framework is demonstrated through the implementation of a completeapplication consisting of many different stencil computations,taken from the field of computational fluid dynamics.