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Radial compressor stage

Unsteady simulation of a radial compressor, vaned diffuser and volute

  • 4 NVIDIA P100 GPUs
  • 6 hours per revolution
  • 24 million grid nodes

Full-annulus, unsteady radial compressor simulations can be carried out rapidly on a modest workstation equipped with several GPUs. This allows the designer to account for volute mismatching, impeller unsteady loading and long length scale static pressure distortion effects.

This unsteady simulation of the public geometry 'Radiver' compressor shows unsteady loss generation within the impeller and vaned diffuser. The unstructured grid in the volute is shown on several cuts, while the impeller and diffuser use high quality structured grids. A fast unstructured sliding plane is used to couple the impeller and diffuser.

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