Ultra-fast CFD for turbomachines

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Industrial gas turbine

Together with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries we produced a full annulus unsteady simulation of the first 1.5 stages of an industrial gas turbine

  • 64 NVIDIA Tesla C1060 GPUs
  • 12 hours per revolution
  • 130 million grid nodes

The simulation was carried out on the University of Cambridge’s GPU Supercomputer. Each 360 revolution requires approximately 5000 outer time steps. Several of the new features from Turbostream 2.0 are used, including real gas properties for the mainstream and the cooling flow, the Spalart-Allmaras turbulence model, and the updated functionality for cooling flow patches on the surfaces.

The image shows the stagnation temperature at mid-span, and the combustor hot spots at the inlet can be seen propagating through the machine. The use of a full annulus unsteady simulation is critical for this application in order to model both the effect of the relative position of the hot spot and the vanes, as well as the migration of the hot air onto the rotor surfaces.

The simulation is based on that carried out by Ong and Miller in 2008 (Hot Streak and Vane Coolant Migration in a Downstream Rotor).

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