Ultra-fast CFD for turbomachines

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Case Studies

Browse through the case studies to see examples of Turbostream in action. Click on an individual case study for more information.

Prediction of radial turbine performance

In collaboration with Honeywell International, we performed full-annulus unsteady simulations of radial turbines in a few hours on a desktop.

Industrial gas turbine

Together with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries we produced a full annulus unsteady simulation of the first 1.5 stages of an industrial gas turbine.

Three stage transonic compressor

Working with Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery to produce a time-accurate simulation of a compressor test rig.

Open Rotor at Angle-of-Attack

As part of work undertaken at the Whittle Laboratory for the European FP7 Dream Project, Turbostream was used for simulations of an Open Rotor test rig operating at an angle-of-attack.

Three-stage turbine with cavities

A model three-stage steam turbine showing the ability of Turbostream to perform unsteady simulations within realistic design time frames.